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New York State Inspections in Kirkwood, NY

Studer’s Body Shop & Garage in Kirkwood, NY is licensed to perform NY State inspections on all vehicle makes and models up to 18,000 lbs. We’ve inspected vehicles for drivers throughout Broome and Tioga Counties in New York to ensure they’re legal to operate on the road.

We have an inspection machine on site to handle all your inspection needs. Our inspection process is prompt and delivers comprehensive results on your vehicle’s emission control systems. If you fail your inspection, our technicians can give you the repairs you need to help your vehicle pass the next inspection, giving you one convenient place for dependable and affordable inspection and repair services.

Inspection Checklist

Oxygen Sensor/Ports

Detects oxygen in the exhaust stream, providing information utilized for fuel control, and to monitor converter efficiency.

Catalytic Converters

Convert harmful engine gasses to less-harmful vehicle emissions.

Manifold Converters

Designed to collect exhaust gases from each engine cylinder and then direct those gases through the catalytic converter.

Resonator Assemblies/Pipe Accessories

Combine pipe routing and turning technologies for quality flow and acoustics.

Mufflers/Muffler Assemblies

Quiet the sound of a vehicle’s engine as emissions pass out of the exhaust system.

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