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Vehicle Product Sales in Kirkwood, NY

Studer’s Body Shop & Garage in Kirkwood, NY sells a variety of products to improve the performance of your vehicle. We’ve helped drivers throughout Broome and Tioga Counties in New York and Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania get the products they need for their vehicles for over 50 years.

Here Are Just Some of the Products We Have For Sale At Our Garage

Cetane Booster & Performance Improver

Specially Formulated for Diesel engines

Boosts the Cetane Rating (Fuel Ignitability) of Diesel Fuel for Improving Starting

Increasing Power/Smoother Engine Operation

Improves Fuel Economy

Adds Lubricity to the Fuel to Reduce Engine Wear

ULSD Complaint

AMS Oil 2-Stroke Oil Interceptor and Dominator

K100 Fuel Treatment

Ethanol Formula for Gasoline & Anti-Gel Formula for Diesel engines

Prevents Phase Separation

Adds Power

Improves Fuel Economy

Stabilizes Fuel

K100 Makes Water Burn!

For top-quality repairs for your car or truck, call us or stop by our garage, which has a huge parking lot and is handicap accessible.

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